Bath Toy - Butterfly Fish

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Caaocho was born in 2013 when they decided to create a line of 100% natural toys for modern babies after working in the baby toy industry since 2008. They are a passionate family-owned company based in Vancouver on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada.

- 100% pure natural rubber
- certified non-toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine free, food-grade paint
- Sealed hole – hermetically sealed design prevents the accumulation of bacteria, mould and dirt
- Textured ears, tail and hooves sooth and massage sore gums during teething
- Promotes sensory development
- Contrasting colours for visual stimulation
- Different textures for tactile exploration
- Perfectly sized for baby’s hands
- Soft enough for baby’s mouth
- Develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
- Develops a sense of cause and effect and spatial awareness
- Introduces social development through interactive play
- Sparks the imagination
- Produced sustainably and biodegradable.

Please air dry the toy after each use by placing it on the bathroom counter or take it to the nursery room to avoid mold appearance on the outside surface.
We use natural materials only avoiding mold resistant chemicals to make the toys as safe as possible for little ones.

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