Farm Wold - Starter Set

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All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow kids to learn while they play.

The life-like Schleich animals with elaborate detail stimulate children to play creatively, allowing them to come up with their first imaginative farm stories.

  • High quality plastic is ideal for play
  • Meticulous detailing gives animal realistic appearance
  • Imagine your own safari adventure with these four animals
  • Combine with other Schleich animal sets for a full collection
  • Detailed animals are ideal tools for learning about life in the svannah grasslands!

Fun Fact

Cows moo differently in different regions, imitating the dialects of the farmers in their own unique way

Product Contents

  • 1 x Donkey foal
  • 1 x Holstein cow
  • 1x Rooster
  • 1 x Sheep
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