Pillow For Children - Buckwheat Hulls - Wheat

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Maovic is a Quebec company that was born from the passion of its owner, Emmanuelle, for sleep and bedding products! Even as a child, she loved to ask for swaddles, teddy bears and pillows as gifts.

Because they want the best for your children and ours, Maovic pillows are made of organic buckwheat hulls, which means they don't have to spend 8 hours a day lying on pesticides. 

Maovic pillows are:
- Anti-dust mites
- Ergonomics
- Small in size (10" x 16"), they are designed to be dragged everywhere.
- Equipped with a cover that fits in the washer and dryer
- Features two zippers: one for the cover and one to allow you to wash or adjust the amount of hulls as you wish. They also serve to protect your pillow from possible damage that children might do if there were not two zippers. Our pillows often become the favorite of your minis!

Hulls and not foam?
Buckwheat hulls have many advantages. They are not only chemical-free, but also anti-mite, ergonomic because we can adjust the amount according to our child's needs and they emit a pleasant soothing smell, which promotes relaxation. In addition, the shape of the hulls helps to regulate the temperature, which provides additional comfort for the child.

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