Vintage Closet With Hangers, Mini-Anthracite

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Warning! This item is bigger than you might think

This nice closet is painted so it has a real vintage look. When you open the closet you will see a flower print on all sides. The closet contains 3 wooden hangers. This closet fits into the Maileg dollhouse

- Size : MINI
- Height : 8,66 in
- Material: FSC WOOD

Maileg is a Danish design company which makes unique quality products. The products are mainly toys and decoration articles - all created with an outspoken intrinsic design value. The intention is to spread joy and inspire children to imaginative play. The products are original and with an aesthetic design which prolong the life time of each product. We value the fact that items are being passed on from generation to generation – that is how Maileg defines sustainability.

Danish design
Made in China

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